Family Medical Care

We Know Who We Work For...

Some people say patients aren't customers.
We disagree.

We are sparkMD.
We are an independent, physician-owned medical clinic, open in Boise, Idaho since 2014.

We provide membership-based medical care.
Call it direct primary care (DPC), concierge medicine, private medicine or cash-based healthcare...
Any way you name it, we work for you.

Healthcare Reconsidered

We are on a mission to simplify healthcare. We’re rejuvenating the doctor-patient relationship through cash-based, transparent, personalized care. We do not bill nor accept insurance. We keep our time, and our focus where it should be-- on your care.

Direct Concierge Care

Our patients are members and pay us monthly without further co-pay or insurance billing. The membership fee includes care from our dedicated physicians along with urgent care services, wellness care, minor procedural care, pediatric care, joint injections, pap smears and much more.

Price Transparent Care

We offer in-house medication dispensing and negotiate whole sale pricing on labs, imaging and some procedural services to save you time, money and hassle.

Personalized Medicine

Our medical doctors and dedicated nursing team bring compassion, education and experience to provide personalized modern medical care. We want to unburden our patients from time-wasted to optimize wellness and get back to what you love.

What Our Clients Say

Interested in Direct Primary Care?

How about healthcare without the drama of waiting rooms, insurance claims, and time constraints?

Our Pricing

We're committed to providing transparent healthcare in a dignified environment.
There are no visit fees, no surprise charges and no insurance billing.

Personalized Concierge Medical Care

$ 300 / Monthly

$99 one-time enrollment fee/household. $99/month birth-25 years of age. $300/month adults aged 26-99. WAITLIST ONLY as of 2/2023

  • Private Medical Care
  • No Visit Fees or Co-Pays
  • Wellness Care & $0 Wellness labs 1x/year
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Same and Next Day Visits (when available)
  • Urgent Care/Minor Injury Care
  • Wholesale Pricing: Labs, Meds, Imaging
  • Telemedicine & Care when you Travel
  • Care coordination & decreased need for specialist visits
  • Lifestyle Medicine Class Discounts
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Our Location


2402 W. Jefferson Street
Boise, Idaho

Regular Business Hours

Mon-Thurs 9-5
Fri 9-12

Weekends and after hours by arrangement only.

Holidays 2023

March 22 – 26 (Spring Break)

July 3 – 5 (open at NOON)

May 29 (Memorial Day)

July 17 – 23 (Summer Closure)

September 4 (Labor Day)

October 31 (close @ NOON)

November 22 – 26 (Thanksgiving)

December 21 – 27 (Christmas)