Make Healthcare Make Sense Again

  • Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to see your doctor when you need to see them?
  • Have you ever walked out of an appointment, only to remember there’s something you forgot to address? Did you wish you could just email or call or text?
  • Have you ever tried to get an answer about how much a health-related service would cost?
  • Have you ever wished you could ask your physician a question without a 3 week wait, massive phone tree or costly visit?
  • Have you ever been surprised by bills, months after you received care, that you thought were going to be covered, but weren’t?
    None of this makes any sense.

Direct primary care takes the insurance portion out of your basic health care so you can have consistent, affordable, transparent care when you need it without added stress, worry or unexpected billing. We can provide a better care experience by NOT billing insurance.