Dr. Julie K. Gunther, M.D.


Dr. Julie is a Board Certified Family Physician who loves being a doctor. She believes the administrative demands of modern medicine have marginalized the physician’s role and are eroding the physician-patient relationship. She founded sparkMD in 2014 to take back her relationship with her patients and to empower herself to be the doctor she set out to be.

Dr. Julie has fulfilled the maximal amount of certification required of traditional medical doctors. She is a Board Certified MD in good-standing with her certifying board (ABFM). She is a member and Fellow of the AAFP (American Academy of Family Physicians). She is a graduate of Boise High School, Harvard University, and the University of Washington School of Medicine.

Dr. Julie grew up in Boise and lives here with her two daughters, an incredibly supportive husband and one extremely obedient 3-legged Golden Retriever. Like many Family Physicians, she is experienced in caring for a wide variety of life’s stages, ages and dilemmas. She is trained in caring for the whole family, through the many phases of life. She provides urgent care services, wellness services, and focuses on mental and physical well being.

She is excited to help you feel better.

To reach Dr. Julie specifically: email drg@sparkmd.org

Ms. Tanya Kowitz, MA-C


Ms. Tanya Kowitz, MA-C is a certified medical assistant. She is an Idaho native, born and raised in Declo, Idaho. She has been a medical assistant in primary care for more than 25 years and has worked with family physicians and internal medicine physicians improving the care of an innumerable number of patients.

Tanya and Dr. Julie worked together at St. Luke’s from 2009-2012. When Dr. Gunther decided to start sparkMD she knew exactly who would be the best clinic manager, nurse, phlebotomist, patient advocate and trusted colleague. Tanya brings many years of tremendous medical and administrative experience, common sense, kindness and organization to sparkMD. She states, “I love working in the medical field because I like to help take care of people, to help them feel better and improve their quality of life.”

When she’s not working, Tanya can be found at sporting events with her daughters, at the horse races, working on home improvement projects or out jogging with her husband.

To reach Tanya specifically: email Tanya@sparkmd.org


Kenon Kildew, NP

(photo coming soon!)

We are SOOOOO excited to announce that we will soon be adding Ms. Kenon Kildew to our team. Kenon is a Nurse Practitioner who has worked in the community for the last four years. She will be joining sparkMD in May of 2017. She and Doctor Gunther have worked side-by-side at a local clinic and Dr. Gunther was so impressed with her positive attitude, dedication, and concern for the whole patient that she knew she would be lucky to have her join sparkMD. Kenon brings experience in community medicine, population health, travel medicine and a genuine love of complex medical care to sparkMD.

We can’t wait for her to join us!