3 Ways to Care

Hello! We are excited for you to join us.

We are here to help!!

We have 3 healthcare options, all in one with a team of medical assistants, a PA, an NP, an Aesthetician and a MD.

JOIN sparkMD Direct Primary Care: Membership based family medical care. $79/month adults. $10/month kid. Employer options available. If you would like to join sparkMD as a member, please call 208-369-4590. Due to constraints of COVID 19 we are being *extremely* mindful with our new patient scheduling and maintaining a wait list.

SCHEDULE with sparkMD Aesthetics: Physician supervised beauty and skin solutions. Call 208-369-4590 to schedule. Due to COVID 19 we are asking our aesthetic patients wait (ack!) as we want to keep everyone maximally well and gorgeous. We’re happy to answer questions, ship out skin care products and super excited to get back to it soon.

GET CARE NOW at sparkMD Telehealth: New!! Urgent care telehealth services available to the general public. $38, 15 minutes. Login, click on and let us help you get back to well.