Family Medicine

Family Medicine

"Laughter is the best medicine for a long and happy life. He who laughs, lasts!"
— W. Peterson

At sparkMD, we are proud to take care of your whole family, for their whole life in a bright, modern, comfortable setting.

We provide ‘old-fashioned’ medical care with modern conveniences.

We’re a bit different than other health clinics. Our patients pay a flat-rate membership every month. We don’t bill insurance. You can have insurance (in fact, we encourage it) but we don’t bill it.

Our simplified healthcare model lets us offer wellness care, urgent care, injury care, dermatologic care, pap smears, flu shots, stitches, pregnancy tests and much, much more so that we can take care of you, comprehensively and authentically while reducing the complexity and hassle of healthcare.

Interested?  We hope you’ll join us!

Age Based Pricing


Monthly Membership based on Age

One time family enrollment fee $99

Ages 0-18: (with enrolled adult member) $30/month

Ages 0-18: (without enrolled adult member) $50/month

Ages 19-24: $60/month

Ages 25-39: $90/month

Ages 40 -64: $110/month

Ages 65+: $130/month

Personalized Healthcare

No one wants to feel like a number. At sparkMD, we treat our customers how we want to be treated. Slow. Personalized. Compassionate. Dignified. No medical record numbers here. We call our patients by their name.

Extended, Relaxed Visits

The average face to face time with a physician in a standard medical visit in the US is less than 12 minutes. Wondering why you feel rushed? Nervous? Forgot to ask questions? At sparkMD, we like to slow down and have time to give time.

Same Day and Next-day Scheduling

We intentionally keep the number of patients we care for to about 1/3 the size of a ‘normal’ family practice. We want to help you stay out of urgent cares and emergency rooms and so we leave openings for same and next-day visits. We don’t book out for weeks and we don’t double book. And we work very, very hard to run on time.

Weekend and After Hours Urgent Care Services

We know sometimes you need medical care when it is outside of office hours. We are available by text and phone for urgent matters that happen. We will try to keep you out of the urgent care reduce unnecessary medical expenses.  While this is rare, whether it’s a cut upper lip, acute onset of pneumonia or fall from a tree, we’re available to our members by phone and email the vast majority of the time.

Annual Comprehensive Physical

This exam will be fitted to your personal medical needs and wellness goals without added frivolous paperwork or time limitations. It’s about you, your health and your goals. A full panel of wellness labs at sparkMD is less than $50 for most patients. (And you can bill this to your insurance, if you have it but…it might cost more. Pap smears are completed at no cost to members.

Diagnostic and Procedural Benefits at Minimal or No Extra Cost

We provide full-spectrum care without billing hassles. EKG’s, strep tests, pregnancy tests, in-office urine tests and wound care are $0 to sparkMD members. Pap smears, wart treatments, complex wound care, biopsies, excisions, stitches, after hours care and much more are available for a very low cost, often 80% LESS than market rates for the same care. We have a procedural fee of $20-$100 for toenail removals, joint injections, mole removals, minor dermatologic procedures, stitches (laceration repairs) and much more. There’s a whole lot we can do for not a whole lot.

Wholesale Labs and Medications

Our members have the option to fill their generic medications at sparkMD or at their pharmacy of choice. We encourage people to utilize GoodRx for transparent medication pricing. By negotiating wholesale pricing on labs, imaging and medications we have saved members hundreds, if not thousands of dollars yearly. This includes our members with insurance! We negotiate low costs on medications and labs and pass our prices right on to you.

Other Added Discounted Services

If it’s about healthcare and you want it, we’ll try to add it. The benefits of a membership model are that, over time, we can continue to add the services most desired by you.