Resources for Physicians Interested in Direct Primary Care

My own Personal Journey to Direct Primary Care

Hear what I had to say at the Direct Primary Care Summit in Washington D.C. The article “Embracing DPC Takes Dedication, Sacrifice Says Physician” by Michael Laff summarizes and discusses my speech. At the summit, I discuss the story of how I built my practice from the ground up, why I switched, and more. This…
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The Current Health Care System Does Not Work!

I was given the opportunity to write an article you can read here for the Idaho Statesman in which I discussed the vast issues with the current health care system. This article was written partly in response to Congressman Raul Labrador speaking about healthcare where he stated: “lack of access to health care doesn’t kill…
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Doctoring on Your Terms

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at BRI’s fifth annual leadership conference in St. Louis. Not only was it a fulfilling experience, but I also was given the opportunity to tell my story and the journey of how I ended up with my own practice sparkMD. If you would like to hear my story…
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