You care is our priority. It’s what we do.

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Extended, Relaxed Visits.
The average patient visit in the United States is around 7 minutes. That’s not how it works at sparkMD. We give your care the time it needs.

Same Day and Next-day Scheduling.
We intentionally keep the number of patients we care for to about 1/3 the size of a ‘normal’ family practice. We try very hard to not overbook and do not double book.

Out of respect for everyone’s time, we ask that you do not walk-in, even with simple needs. We do our best to manage our day so you can get on with yours.

Weekend and After hours Urgent Care services.
If you have an urgent need after hours that would lead you to go to the urgent care, call us first. We’re available by phone and email after hours for all but 3 weeks per year.

Full Access via Technology.
You can reach our team by e-mail and a customized patient portal. Sick when you’re traveling? We can videochat, or facetime. If we can handle it, we will, and get you back to your adventures.

Annual Comprehensive Physical.
This exam will be fitted to your personal medical needs and wellness goals without added frivolous paperwork or time limitations. It’s about you, your health and your goals.

Diagnostic and Procedural Benefits at Minimal or No Extra Cost.
EKG’s, pregnancy tests, urine tests, toenail removals, joint injections, mole removals, minor dermatologic procedures, cryotherapy (warts etc), stitches (laceration repairs) etc… if they’re not included, they are $10-$20 total. There’s a whole lot we can do for not a whole lot.

Wholesale Labs and Medications.
We negotiate low costs on medications and labs and pass our prices right on on to you. Savings on medications, Xrays, and laboratory testing can be over 65% less than what you’re billed within a traditional care model. Feeling well-insured? That’s ok, too. You can take our prescriptions to your normal pharmacy, just like you’re used to.

Other Added Discounted Services.
If it’s about healthcare and you want it, we’ll try to add it. The benefits of a membership model are that, over time, we can continue to add the services most desired by you.