Pricing for Members

Registration fee: We charge a one-time $79 fee/adults
and $30/children at the time of your first visit.

We only charge ONE registration fee per family (so 1-2 adult + 1-10 children = $79 registration fee).

Newborn through 20 years of age
$10 monthly with enrolled adult member
$30 monthly without enrolled adult member

21 years of age to 100 years of age
$79 monthly

Over 100 years old
Free membership, housecalls are priced based on mileage and time.

Housecalls/Nursing Home visits
price is in addition to the membership fee and is per visit.
Availability is not guaranteed and depends on Dr. Gunther or Kenon’s schedule in any given week.

$100 within 5 mile radius of sparkMD
$175 within 10 mile radius of sparkMD
$200 within 30 mile radius of sparkMD
for other circumstances please call

Prescription medication, labs and imaging are available to members at wholesale cost plus 10%.

Example Savings

We recently met a patient who did not have insurance. She was taking 6 medications because of her recent stroke, all very appropriate and important generic medications. Her annual medication cost was $788.
We showed her a coupon site that got her annual cost to $536.
With a membership at sparkMD, her annual medication cost is $260.
This is a savings of $528/year JUST in drug costs. This difference almost covers an entire years worth of care at sparkMD!

We have saved one patient member OVER $2000 in medication costs in 2016.

How We Collect Payment

Payment is required monthly. You may also pay quarterly, semi-annually or annually.
We do not bill on a ‘when we see you’ model.
We do not charge visit fees or ‘co-pays’ except for procedures as noted in our ‘what’s included’ page.

We accept most major credit cards and check and ACH payments
We prefer automatic billing.

If 30 days pass without payment, a warning notice is issued. With 60 days without payment the membership is terminated without option to renew.