What’s Included

Here’s a list of the services we provide:

Category Specifics Member charge Notes
Wellness Care
Comprehensive Physical Exam $0
Pap Smears $0 includes HPV testing ($75 if membership terminated in <12mos)
Immunization Recommendations $0
Wellness Planning $0
Weight Management $0
STD testing $10 – 90
Rectal exam/stool test $0
On site Immunizations Flu shot: $0 Tetanus: $14 PPD: $10 see below
Reproductive Care
Contraceptive Planning & Management $0
Pre-Conception Counseling $0
Pregnancy Confirmation/UPT $0
Post-Partum Care $0
Breastfeeding Education $0
IUD Placement IUD cost + 10%
Vasectomy not yet available; working on it!
Newborn Care $0
Acute/Sick Care
Same day & next day visits $0
Afterhours/weekend care $0 & by appointment
Traveling (when you’re traveling) $0 phone visit
Complex Care Coordination
Diabetes Management $0
Hypertension Management $0
Hyperlipidemia Management $0
Mental Health/Wellness $0
Hospital Follow-Up $0
Chronic Pain Management we do not manage chronic pain
Pre-Operative Examinations $0
Comprehensive Med List Review $0
Urine Pregnancy Test $0
Urinalysis $0
Wellness labs < $15
Other labs varies wholesale pricing
Ingrown Toenail removal $10
Wart removal/Cryotherapy $0
Mole removals $10-$20 based on supplies used
Cyst removals $10
Skin tag removals $0
Treatment for ‘age spots’ $0
Skin biopsies $10 (for suture) $65 for pathology
Foreign Body Removal $0
Knee Injections $10
Shoulder Injections $10
Hip (trochanter) Injections $10
Elbow (Epicondyle) Injections $10
Laceration repairs $15 (for suture) $30 for dermabond
Pathology FEE for removed skin lesions varies, generally $65 wholesale pricing
EKG $0
Hospital Visits see below
Pediatric Care
Well child checks $0
Immunization Review/Recs $0
Sick visits $0
Sports Physicals $0
Labs low negotiated cost; often <65% billed cost
Xray/Imaging low negotiated cost; often <65% billed cost
Prescription drugs low negotiated cost; often <65% billed cost
Splinting $10 – $30 cost of splint plus 10%
Preconception Education $0
Diabetes Management/Counseling $0
Breastfeeding Education $0
Parenting Education/Classes $0

What We Don’t Do:

We do not provide care for pregnancy during pregnancy but can do pre-conception counseling, free urine pregnancy testing and refer you to a capable OB/GYN.

We do care after delivery including counseling on post-partum blues, family dynamics and breast feeding.

We do not do DOT physicals at this time.

We do not manage chronic pain. If this is a part of your health care we will manage your other concerns and coordinate pain related care with a pain professional. We do not carry any pain medications or controlled substances in our clinic and do not routinely prescribe them.

At this time we do not have on-site immunizations. This is because these are available at a low-cost at pharmacies and central district health. We will review CDC immunization recommendations and update the state database (IRIS).

We do not function as the attending physician when our patients are in the hospital. This means we don’t write the orders, do the billing or ‘call the shots’. We will provide records, discuss your care by phone or perform in-hospital visits as requested if you desire when/if you are hospitalized.

Dr. Gunther is a Board Certified Family Physician. Although the list above is not comprehensive, she does not perform major surgery or provide any services beyond the realm of her training as a Family Doctor or her maintained Board Certification. When you need such services, she will happily refer you to a capable physician who can advance your care.