Who We Are

Julie Gunther, FAAFP, FAAHPM

Dr. Julie Gunther is a dual-Board Certified Family Physician who loves being a doctor. She founded sparkMD in 2013 to take back her relationship with her patients and to empower herself to be the doctor she set out to be.

In 2016, Dr. Julie was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her diagnosis, at the age of 40, led her to re-frame her personal goals and her goals for sparkMD. She decided to build a team that supported her mission and that would allow her to extend more care to more people and to spend time sharing sparkMD’s mission with other doctors and medical organizations throughout the US.

Dr Julie has worked to build a robust, compassionate, diligent and capable team of two nurses, a Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant and an aesthetician. The sparkMD team provides urgent care services, wellness services and aesthetic services, focusing across the board on mental and physical well being. Dr. Julie supervises all of these services and is generally on-site and/or behind the scenes for every patient interaction provided here. It is the mission of everyone at sparkMD to restore the integrity of healthcare through dignified, transparent care that is given the time and space it needs to be done right.

Dr. Julie is a graduate of Boise High School, Harvard University, and the University of Washington School of Medicine. She has spoken, provided content or been featured in Forbes, NPR, Bloomberg News, Medical Economics, Physician Practice, Reason TV, KevinMD, The Idaho Statesman, The Idaho Business Review, Greenbelt Magazine among many other forums. She enjoys motivational speaking, telling authentic stories and empowering physicians and individuals to think differently about how we care for ourselves and for each other. She can be reached at drg@sparkmd.com.

Tanya Kowitz, MA-C

Ms. Tanya Kowitz, MA-C is a certified medical assistant who has been working in healthcare for almost 30 years. She is an Idaho native and has been a medical assistant to rural and ‘big city’ primary care physicians. Tanya is exceptionally bright, organized, well versed in all-things healthcare and has keen insight into patients’ clinical condition. With her experience, know-how and instinct she runs the ‘front-line’ of sparkMD.

Tanya and Dr. Julie have worked together since 2009. From 2010-2012, Dr. Julie and Tanya spent sixteen months running an onsite-employer clinic once weekly. This ‘micro-practice’ was the impetus for their understanding that together they could start, build and grow a clinic. When Dr. Gunther founded sparkMD in 2013 there was no question as to who she wanted for her right hand partner.

Tanya serves sparkMD as Head of Clinical Operations. She manages scheduling, resources, the in-house pharmacy, most billing and the patient-provider interface. She states, “I love working in the medical field because I like to help take care of people, to help them feel better and improve their quality of life.” When Tanya’s not working, she can be found at sporting events with her daughters, at the horse races or working on home improvement projects.

Kenon Kildew, FNP

Ms. Kenon Kildew is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with ten years of experience in family medicine. She was born in Boise and raised in farm country in Eastern Washington. Kenon completed her undergraduate studies at Washington State University with a dual-degree in Fine Arts and Psychology. She went on to earn her Masters of Science in nursing from Boston College and returned to Boise to work as an NP.

When Dr. Julie founded sparkMD she worked a side-job and filled in when Kenon was out. Dr. Julie was so impressed with Kenon’s clinical decision making, the quality of her work and her professional demeanor she asked Kenon to join sparkMD. After almost seven years of continuous service as a primary care provider at an on-site employer clinic in Boise, Dr. Julie recruited Kenon to join sparkMD in May of 2017.

Kenon brings thoughtful clinical acumen, a data-driven mind, earnest compassion and an intense desire to help people better themselves to sparkMD. She encourages all of us to be thoughtful about self-care and believes in plenty of exercise, hydration and a good daily dose of long-walks and copious coffee consumption.

When not working, Kenon enjoys spending time with her wonderful family and friends, taking gorgeous pictures of the landscapes of Idaho, adventure travel, long cycling races with her mom and winter basketball with retired college players.

Ms. Erin Love McDermott, PA-C

Ms. Erin Love McDermott is a Board Certified Physician Assistant who enjoys creating meaningful relationships with patients. Erin graduated from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine’s Master of Medical Science in Physician Assistant Studies program. While a student, she trained with Dr. Gunther and has been a fan of sparkMD and the direct primary care model ever since.

Erin approaches every patient with a deep sense of caring and responsibility. She brings her candor, practical problem-solving and business sense into the exam room.

Erin was raised in Springfield, Missouri, where she graduated from Drury University with a bachelor of business administration in finance. She’s been dreaming of a career in medicine since she was old enough to bandage scraped knees. Erin lives in Boise with her husband, Cullen, and the world’s best furry good girl, Gabby.

Jenn Madsen, LE

Ms. Jennifer Madsen brings her boisterous laugh and get-er-done demeanor to sparkMD and sparkMD aesthetics. She has resided in the Boise area since 1996 with her husband and four children and enjoys fix-er-upper projects, community service and anything that demands hard work and creative problem solving.

After working in an Alzheimer’s memory care unit and caring for special needs children and their families, Jenn looked for a career that would empower her to help others feel better about themselves while taking advantage of her creative skills. In 2016, she graduated from the Aveda Institute Boise with her esthetician license. She was invited to teach and worked with aesthetic students prior to joining sparkMD in the Spring of 2018.

Dr. Julie and Jenn have developed sparkMD aesthetics with the goal to be Treasure Valley’s elite medical aesthetics studio. Jenn has hand-picked the product offerings at sparkMD including the Rhonda Allison line of skin care products. She values customizing solutions and is a gifted ‘mixologist’ with a gentle touch. She focuses on using the most naturally derived products to achieve the most straight-forward results. When Jenn is not taking care of everyone else she loves to travel, camp, fish, kayak and have adventures.

Andrea Berry, MA-C

Ms. Andrea Berry, MA-C is a certified medical assistant. She was born in Boise and raised in Glenns Ferry, Idaho. Andrea joined sparkMD as our second nursing provider. She brings a compassionate practicality and mind for wellness to the sparkMD team.

Andrea manages many tasks at sparkMD including phone services, medication refills, nursing services and is an amazing phlebotomist. She has been a medical assistant since 2016, a mom since 2005 and with sparkMD since 2017. When she is not triaging calls and making the behind-the-scenes at sparkMD work well, Andrea can be found camping, reading, hiking or taking care of any type of animal. She recently rescued a dog, “Leo” and has had guinea pigs, rabbits and would be uniquely suited to run her own petting zoo.

Andrea has a big heart for caring for all living things particularly animals, the plants that Dr. Julie neglects, and people who need their blood drawn. She is a mom of two amazing, creative kids, an early riser and sparkMD’s lone vegetarian.